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Since its inception, BCL Secure Premises Pvt. Ltd. (BCL SP) an end to end Integrated Security Solutions provider has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the emerging leaders in the Indian Security Industry. In a short span of just three years, BCL SP has redefined security solutions, demonstrating its commitment to providing its clients the very best in innovation, quality and training.

The Indian Security Industry is changing at an ever increasing pace with new and more advanced technologies being introduced all the time. Aimed at providing world class security solutions to its clients, BCL SP an ISO 9001:2000 certified company continuously upgrades the quality of its resources and infrastructure. The board of BCL SP provides constant guidance and advice to the organisation, and consists of renowned security specialists who have served in the nation’s premier security agencies and armed forces for many decades. This results in strong foundations, based on experience, expertise and a critical understanding of latest technologies.

At BCL SP, we endeavour to understand the specific needs of every client. This is why we aim at providing specialised security expertise as per the needs of each client. To further this aim, we ensure that each employee is handpicked and expertly trained. Also, BCL SP maintains a Pan India presence with offices in even the most remote locations in India to ensure that we are always close at hand.

All of the above mean that BCL SP can take up and successfully deliver projects on a turn key basis, right from conception to final execution. We can also provide our solutions on Lease Basis.
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